• residency
  • 2013-2014


Le puzzle n'est pas un jeu solitaire (Puzzling is not a Solitary Game)
A living sitcom in Aubervilliers, by Adva Zakai, with Åbäke.

"Imagine a sitcom without a plot and without a television. Or a series in six episodes, which is a portrait of a neighborhood, taking place as public events inside people’s houses. One would need to go visit their neighbors in order to follow the episodes of this series, instead of turning the TV on. Some chapters are live performances, some appear as written fiction, but there are no characters, no one is acting a roll and there is no story line to follow. Yet, along the different episodes, recurrent elements develop into possible narratives and a complex network of relations is revealed. Elements from the sitcom will be spread in the city, propagating the faint sound of an urban legend. There will be rumors about some living-room gatherings, and about pocket publications handed personally in specific spots in town. Those whom the rumor reached, will be encouraged to follow up the development of these elements, until they form the episodes of a "living-room sitcom"" (Adva Zakai)

On February 8th, a pilot episode of the sitcom Puzzling is not a Solitary Game took place in the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers. Through a strange melange of performances, lectures and opera singing, Adva Zakai and Åbäke, along with their guests and public, addressed private spaces such as the apartment, the computer, the body - as potential zones of invention and political resistance. The artists continue their investigation and invite you, in April and May, to take part in the coming six episodes, which will be performed in Aubervilliers inside private living-rooms and in printed publications. 

Le puzzle n'est pas un jeu solitaire (Puzzle is not a Solitary Game) is a collaboration between Adva Zakai and the graphist collective Åbäke. During their residency at Les Laboratoires, beginning of 2014, they develop a curatorial and performative project, through a public seminar (8th February), interviews followed by workshops with inhabitants, a fragmented publication spread in the city (series of three pocket publications), and the three episodes of a "living-room sitcom", at the inhabitants places.

With the support of the Flamish Ministry of Culture, Arcadi, Fluxus and the Acsé

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