From our own pluralist perspective, we consider it indispensable to convoke the figure of the itinerant. There can be no thinking about the notion of the commons without that of passages and transitions between different cultures and worlds. « The itinerant is an accomplished inhabitant » said Tim Ingold who had in mind more of a world constituted of places to inhabit than of a homogeneous space just waiting to be occupied. 

In a world drowned by the marchandisation of persons and things, coupled with the crazy economic acceleration which devastates our environment, it has become urgent to explore ways of living which could constitute in turn new ways for communities to exist. We can assume that sharing new modes of monad experience will allow us to resist the destructive hold of economic governance. It’s the same as the notion of concern for shared experience : concern is always about meeting and the transformation of reality for those who engage. It is by means of displacements between ways of existing as a community that passages and new associations will prevail : the breeding ground for disobedience.

A collective work coordinated by Josep Rafanelli I Orra

With contributions by Jérôme Baschet, Fanny Béguery et Adrien Malcor, Claire Doyon, Thierry Drumm, Gabrielle Hallez, Les Lentillières, Carmen Rafanell, Josep Rafanell i Orra, Alice Rivières, Alessandro Stella et Anne Coppel, Marcello Tarí, Sébastien Thiéry, François Thoreau, Alexis Zimmer.