Séverine Roussel and Philippe Zourgane created the architecture office RozO architecture paysage environnement in 1998. RozO is developing innovative projects in architecture and urban planning in which environmental engineering and the human body have a central position. The buildings designed by RozO are always in a strong harmony with the climate and optimize the sites' potentialities where they are built. RozO is designing projects in various countries, France, Italy, Belgium, Senegal, Reunion Island, Corea ...

RozO is also regularly developing transdisciplinary works in association with artists or theoricians especially on the relation between architecture and nature and in the field of post colonial studies in Africa and Indian Ocean.
The co-foundators of RozO are often documenting this work through regular conferences and workshop cessions for master cycles like such as in NABA- Milano (Italy), Mimar Sinan – Istanbul (Turquey), CEPT – Ahmedabad (India), Faculty of Architecture of Witswatersrand – Johannesburg (South Africa), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania), Maputo (Mozambic), Le Port (Reunion Island), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Séverine Roussel is architect, landscape architect and assistant professor at the faculty of architecture of Paris La Villette.
Philippe Zourgane est architect, landscape architect and researcher at the Centre for Research Architecture in Goldsmith College where he is Phd Candidate. His researches are focused on the studies of «Free Zone» and the capacity of architecture to accompany struggle movements and liberation movements. He is also assistant professor at the faculty of architecture of Paris Val de Seine – Paris.

RozO website: www.rozo-archi.fr