Mattia Pellegrini was born in Lucca in 1986. He lives and works here and there. He's an artist and an independent curator working on the project of Caesar Pietroiusti: 'Museum of Contemporary Art in Exile' and on MAAM (Museum of the other and elsewhere in the mongrel city Metropoliz). He participated with the Museum in Exile at the 54° Venice Art Biennale inside the project 'L'Inadeguato, Lo Indacuato, The Inadeguate" by Dora Garcia (Spain Pavilion). In February 2013 he published 'Exile: If I am Language' published by Sensitive Leaves, cured with Giulia Girardello, the book was also translated into English; for Dora Garcia project where he worked, he was presented on 'Host & Guest' by Steven Henry Madoff at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. He is among the artists selected for the 'Free Home University'