American choreographer Jennifer Lacey moved from New York to Paris where she founded the Megagloss company with Carole Bodin in 2000 and started a privileged collaboration with visual artist and scenographer Nadia Lauro, creating several shows. Over the last few years, Jennifer Lacey also produced several projects with equivocal borders: Projet Bonbonnière, a living and travelling research project conceived to rehabilitate the "théâtres à l'italienne"; Prodwhee!, series of disposable performances using residencies as a trading currency; Robin Hood, a mythical and invisible performance with artist Cerith Wyn Evans; Robin Hood - The Tour, an act of robbery perpetrated with musician and composer Florian Hecker. More recently, she produced Transmaniastan, a piece commissioned for "A Choreographed Exhibition" at Kunsthalle St. Gallen and has also been collaborating with artist Tonia Livingstone on a performance entitled Culture and Administration.