by Bettina Atala

A few questions

- Are school buses yellow in the United States?
- In NYC, are there people dressed in red and blue who fly in the sky?
- Do you live in a building with a fire escape?
- Do all buildings have fire escapes in NYC?
I guess not but it's really common, especially in Manhattan.
- In Manhattan how many buildings have a fire escape? Can you give an estimation? Four out of five?
Yes that's what I would say 80%, it sounds right, because the really big buildings don't have any.
- Did you ever use the fire escape to escape from something or someone?
No, never.
- Have you used a fire escape to run after someone?
- Do you hang out at the mall?
I don't but some people do, at the mall there's a theatre, an arcade, a food court, and you can try on clothes, buy stuff. So yes people spend time there.
- How many credit cards have you got?
- What about your mother?
I'm not sure . She has a lot, I think.
- Roughly?
- Does she spend time at the mall?
Yes, she loves the mall.

Statistics and questions published in Le Journal des Laboratoires Jan-April 2011