Thomas Clerc, born in 1965, is a writer. In 2005 Allia published his Maurice Sachs le désœuvré. Since 2007 his books have been published by Gallimard as part of its Arbalète series: Paris, musée du XXIe siècle, Le 10e arrondissement, the first volume of a walker’s description of Paris; in 2010 the collection of stories L’homme qui tua Roland Barthes, which won the Académie Française’s short story award; and in 2013 Intérieur, an exhaustive description of his apartment, was shortlisted for the Renaudot and Médicis prizes. He is also the author of Nouit, a fiction based on a photo by Jeff Wall (Mix/FRAC Aquitaine, 2009) and La Tour, a fiction published in 2013 by Editions Alternatives as part of their Un Architecte/Un Ecrivain series. In addition Clerc has edited Le Neutre, Roland Barthes’s series of lectures at the Collège de France (Seuil/IMEC, 2002), and the complete works of Guillaume Dustan, of which the first volume was published by POL in 2013. In his role as literary critic he has a weekly spot on Radio France Culture’s broadcast Le Rendez-vous and contributes a monthly column to the Paris daily Libération. His unpublished performances have taken him to a variety of venues including the Act’oral Festival in Marseille, Le BAL, Centre Pompidou, Théâtre du Rond-Point and Palais de Tokyo. In addition he has just completed a duet for the Concordanse festival, which teams a writer with a choreographer – in this case Julie Desprairies.