Nescafer (Fabrice Reymond)

Premiering in 2000, Nescafer is Fabrice Reymond’s first film and is part of an artistic project he calls CinémaGénérique. The process for developing films is almost a new cinema genre, starting from writing and extending to video games and cinema, exploring the new possibilities for creation opened up by digital technology. The basic principle of CinémaGénérique is the de-synchronisation of text, sound and image. All these individual sequences are then played through a random montage generated by computer software. CinémaGénérique produces the genesis of film. This leads us to imagine film as more of a universe, a fiction that surrounds us, than as a narration that we can follow. The idea is to borrow from cinema its spectacular, ephemeral characteristic, its ability to deliver immediate emotion, to be consumed right away.
Color booklet of 64 pages (texts by Dean Inkster and Fabrice Reymond)