Opening 4

Tough stories
December 1-2-3, 2004

For three evenings in a row, the Laboratoires presented a retrospective of the films of Stéphane Bérard: De l’Indéfendable théâtre balinais (1997), Mortinsteinck (1998), L’Ecart (1999), and Les Ongles noirs (1999-2004). Each of the projections was introduced by a musical performance by Stéphane Bérard. The last projection was followed by a discussion about these films with Boris Achour (artist), Xavier Boussiron (artist and actor in the film Les Ongles noirs), Jean-Marc Chapoulie (critic and cinema programer), Guillaume Désanges et François Piron (art critics) and Nathalie Quintane (writer and actor in the films of S.B.).