Peter Aers (Ghent, 1973) obtained a Master in Philosophy (1998) and graduated from theatre training at de Kleine Academie, Brussel (2003). Aers explores the meaning of the relationship between an individual and the society. The starting point of this relationship is the disappearance of the individual. In his first project together with Tijs Ceulemans, Boedapest / Een oefening in verdwijnen (Budapest / An exercise in disappearing) in 2005, he studied the effect of materialistic prosperity on the development of one’s identity. The interest and fascination of Aers and Ceulemans focussed on homeless people and beggars. For Peter Aers, the central subjects during a creation process as well as during a performance, are the people and our contact with them. One of the starting points is creating the right context to encourage this contact. For this, Aers has worked with amateur performers, homeless people, inhabitants of the canal village Doornzele... He did volunteer work after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, palliative care and worked as a taxidriver. Aers has worked with Dora Garcia in several performances (The Prophets – The Beggar’s Opera – The Romeos – Beggar – You can’t be there – The Inadequates), he performed with Aitana Cordero (3 ways to Master a kiss) and Campo (FivePeople).