Clara Schulmann holds a PhD in Cinema Studies and teaches at the National School of Art in Bordeaux. Her research bears on the connections between film and art history in the light of contemporary art practices. She writes for magazines in the fields of social science (Vacarme, Geste) and contemporary art (Particules, Mouvement, May) and has recently contributed to the following books: Images contemporaines. Arts, formes, dispositifs (Aléas, 2010), Cinéma Muséum. Le cinéma d’après le musée (Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, 2013), Mike Kelley, exhibition catalogue (Centre Pompidou, 2013) and Joachim Koester: Of Spirits and Empty Spaces (SMAK, 2014). Her work with galleries includes «Rien n’est magique», a text on the work of Marie Angeletti, published by the castillo/corrales gallery in Paris in March 2014. Also in 2014 she published Les Chercheurs d’or. Films d’artistes, Histoires de l’art (Presses du Réel).