Notes, voix, entretiens (Dominique Petitgand)

CNotes, voix, entretiens (Dominique Petitgand) This work is meant to be, beyond an artist’s catalogue or book, a hybrid project, a set of documents based on the artist Dominique Petitgand’s work with sound. This work is made up of a large selection of sound artwork by the artist that he has also transcribed; it is organised around two interviews and further includes “listening notes”, contributions by artists and critics. A scattered whole that is nonetheless organised through the varied experimental textual approaches to the singular sound art that pushes the limits of music, cinema and art developed by Dominique Petitgand since 1992. Here the aim is to unpack the artist’s work and question possible methods of representation, documentation and transcription for it.
34 transcripts of spoken word and musical pieces – 2 interviews – 6 listening notes (Dominique A, Grand Magasin, Claude Lévêque, Guillaume Désanges, François Piron, Loïc Touzé)