The book Degré 48 produced by g.u.i marks the final stage of this long-term project of the same name : Degré 48. It presents a selection of around twenty documents per manifesto thus allowing the reader to follow their construction and development in time and space. More than archival documents, these manifestos function as scores and as a space of reinterpretation of the performance. It is up to the reader to reconstruct a version, which will necessarily be a free-form interpretation. But after all, that is precisely the function of the manifesto: to appropriate a message, play with different aesthetic forms and confront them the surrounding world.

With: A Constructed World, Paolo Codeluppi & Kristina Solomoukha, Ludovic Sauvage, Fabien Vallos, Bertrand Belin, Stéphane Bérard, Nicolas Tilly, Patrick Corillon, Antoine Dufeu, Laure Limongi, Fabrice Reymond, Valentina Traïanova, Mehdi Brit & Morgane Rousseau, Olivier Bosson, David Guez, Dominiq Jenvrey, L’Agence du doute, Sonia Chiambretto & Yoann Thommerel, Frédéric Héritier, Véronique Hubert, Benjamin Seror, Naïa Sore.
Degré 48 by the g.u.i collective, a Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers publication. 936 pages. Price: 48 €

The publication is available for purchase online, below, and at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers 41 rue Lecuyer in Aubervilliers.