HORS-LES-MURS: circulate–instrument for action–formats, la maison rouge

Thursday 15 November, 7pm

circulate–instrument for action–formats

At the maison rouge, fondation Antoine de Galbert (Paris).

Each event is built around three tags, chosen by the welcoming venue. These tags allow us to go through the atlas of the project (forms of life) in a renewed way.

Commened diaporama and interventions, with answers from: collectif 1.0.3. (audio piece), Matthieu Clainchard (serie of images), Abraham Cruzvillegas (song), Bojana Cvejić (presentation of her instruments of work by the artist), Tim Etchells (list), Irwin (photo), Tom Jarmusch (reading), Gérald Kurdian (serie of photos), Gabriel Lester (maps), Armin Linke (website), Ernesto Neto (map), Plan B (maps), Nicolas Siepen (serie of photos), Agnès Thurnauer (photo), Mona Vatamanu + Florin Tudor (photos) et Clotilde Viannay (map)


Free entrance on reservation at reservation@lamaisonrouge.org