illegal_cinema #121
Monday 9th September 2013, 8pm
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In response to the screening outside Les Labos with Atelier W on June 18, Clément Marmoz is going to present Le Moindre geste from Fernand Deligny Manenti Josée and Jean-Pierre Daniel.


Deligny offered this, filming, even without film, in order to keep quiet. Film without projects, at most a simple story, a loose frame in order to try to stay anyway. Le Moindre Geste is thought of as the story of an escape, the one of Richard and Yves. Richard falls into a hole, then Yves wanders in the chaotic landscape of the Cevennes.Le Moindre geste is precarious. It is an attempt that, apparently, doesn't care of sense. Le Moindre geste seems to draw something real that the language can not contain in its meshes. Fernand Deligny has always tried to separate them, these meshes. First, among "offenders", "psychotic", "severely retarded" teenagers in urban areas, and in the late 50s in the landscape of the Cevennes, where he did not go alone. There, some adults with kids that psychiatry has qualified incurable — including Yves, a young man crossing the world and experimenting with his actions. As an attempt, Josée Manenti filmed his wandering.

Then, the images and sounds will remain in a trunk for almost a decade until a young editor, Jean-Pierre Daniel, find the coils, traces of these two years of wandering. He will strive with Josée Manenti editing the film. The movie, full of asymmetries, pulls the delirious substance of the voice over — Yves' — to make a crazy movie where the speech becomes common, strangely close. The film has unusual challenge: make a movie where meanings boil over. 

From Deligny's tries to the recovery by Jean-Pierre Daniel and Josée Manenti, the discourse dissolves, bringing the human to its slightest gesture, a gesture that does not escape the common but is away from the world.

 Clement Marmoz has been working with madness and his surroundings for 10 years. He has conducted radio workshop, in Lyon and Paris, with children, adolescents and adults dealing with psychiatry.

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LE MOINDRE GESTE, Fernand Deligny, Josée Manenti et Jean-Pierre Daniel (1970, 105 min)
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monday 9th september, 8pm
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