Manifeste #5 - Laure Limongi, Fabrice Reymond, Valentina Traïanova
Vendredi 13 septembre 2013, 20h
  • installation
  • performance
  • literature

Tsai Ming Yiang, Good Bye Dragon inn

Laure Limongi - Indociles
. Writer and editor, Laure Limongi delivers her literary manifesto: indocilité ("unruliness"). "For me, artists who question form, reinvent it, are unruly. Able to call upon active participation from readers. Who don’t curl up in facile trends. Who don’t think twice about getting around genres, borders. Who are moved by necessity. You’ve understood too that this is also a political stance."

Fabrice Reymond - Le Grand Rewind. For his "Manifesto of lost causes" writer Fabrice Reymond explores the other side of thoughts, the other side of avant-gardes, looks at art from the back and everything else head on. He extends an invitation to plunge into art, the body and the experience of thought where they have today been left aside – at the slope of childhood, the thought of the trial of passing time, the return to origins, mysticism, art and politics.

Valentina Traïanova - Sol Sol Soleil. "Song for a roller-skating-singer. Six songs for four walls, one voice, two loudspeakers. Two songs for two surfaces. Three circles and a dance for three augmented surfaces (free)." Valentina Traïanova’s recorded and broadcast voice will be played in les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers. Valentina Traïanova will also perform a specific choreography, while singing.


Fabrice Reymond

Laure Limongi, born in Bastia in 1976 is a French writer and editor. She has published several books and short criticisms (in La Revue Littéraire, Les Lettres Françaises and CCP). Her literary work is similar to some rhythmic research according to the explanation she gave in an interview for Le Matricule des anges; that explains how her book on Elvis Presley, according to the newspaper Le Figaro resembled "a chanson de geste, or any other song, combining incantations, more descriptive chapters, snapshots or stories from multiple perspectives, as if everything were clamouring to get out of the mind of our doped-up, fallen hero". Laure Limongi created the criticism collection "&" at Editions Al Dante in 2000, before going on to create the "Laureli" collection at Editions Léo Scheer in 2006. Along with renowned authors such as Raymond Federman, she publishes contemporary authors, Céline Minard, Daniel Foucard or even Emmanuel Tugny for example, but the work that stands out most perhaps are her efforts to reintroduce the world to the work of Hélène Bessette. The collection also includes translations (José Agrippino de Paula, Jörg Fauser). As a musician, she contributed to Deux coups de sonnette, a disk by composer Pierre Henry. She is also part of the group Molypop, as a writer, composer and musician. Take a look at and

Valentina Traïanova
: artist and performer, she creates radio broadcasts, drawings sound pieces using her voice, and shows in which she performs choreographies that correspond to a specific architecture. She is present in different fields of art and collaborates with a broad range of artists. She was the singer in Cargo-Sofia-Paris by Rimini Protokol and in the radio creation workshop Arthur Gonzales-Ojjeh, nomade commotionné on the station France Culture. Since 2009, she has undertaken a particular collaboration with writer Antoine Dufeu with whom she has created a series of performances entitled LUBOVDA. Her recent performances include Frankistan (duo with Antoine Dufeu, PAM) Ultimatum (duo with Antoine Dufeu, Flash79/ Nuit Blanche, Bétonsalon), It's the time time, (Centre Pompidou-Metz), Riorim (MUDAM), Pick-up (PLOTHR), Vinagi Gotov vinagi gotov (Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival), RADIO VALENTINA (Mac/Val), Tokgora (Galerie LMD), Demain demain (Une Nuit/Eine Nacht). Valentina Traïanova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and now lives in Paris. She came to France in 1996, Nice specifically, where she pretended to be a windsurfing champion. She earned her degree from E.P.I.A.R. Villa Arson (Nice) and the Jules Pasquin Academy (Sofia, Bulgaria). See:


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Image: screen shot from the movie by Tsai Ming Yiang, Good Bye Dragon inn (2003)