Quartiers libres - Nadia Beugré
Friday 13 December 2013, 20h
  • dance

quartiers libres nadia beugré

Are there places where we can’t go? Places we aren’t allowed to explore? What if we went there? What would we do? What would happen to us? Quartier libre reveals and explores these taboo places from which we are excluded, these forbidden places where we choose to wander: places of expression, submission, revelation. A vain and violent quest for freedom undertaken, where giving up is not an option. From out of the audience, a singular singer rises up, setting herself free, not caring about vocal shortcomings while still remaining a prisoner to the tools of her performance such as the long, useless microphone cord entangling her. This urgent desire to express herself pushes her to take the stage; she is finally free to do as she pleases, quartier libre. How to live up to that? Like the simple, empty plastic bottles that surround her, the dancer is transformed in the freedom she gives herself. She sometimes regains her footing and her strength with the audience, then delves ever deeper into these forbidden places. Like a marine mammal surfacing for air to take her down to the depths. In a fight against a world seeking to bury her, in a world of sound that is at times dominating and then tender, her body and that waste become one. They journey through one another, blend and meld.

Free entrance on reservation at:
reservation@leslaboratoires.org and +33 153 561 590

Choreography, interpretation: Nadia Beugré  //  Dramaturgy, creation and sound: Boris Hennion  //  Costums: Nadia Beugré and Boris Hennion  //  Plastic creation: Nadia Beugré  //  Light conception and general technics: Laurent Bourgeois and Erik Houllier  //  "Alarms" soundscape creation: Mathieu Grenier  //  Production Latitudes Prod (Lille)  //  Last 50'
Image: DR