The Choreography of Labour #4
Friday 21st March 2014, 8 pm
  • performance

with author and filmmaker Robert Schlicht

In La Chorégraphie du travail #4, Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht examine various historical and contemporary strategies of efficiency and education centred around the body.

In a preparatory workshop, different forms of physical, social, emotional and psychological training are being discussed and practiced collaboratively with trainees, teachers, instructors, as well as dancers from different disciplines, which becomes a staged and fictional laboratory for the next performance #4. Various methods of role plays used in preparation courses, exercises for physical endurance and coordination or creative activities to enhance the person’s self-confidence are being examined and turn into a collective work effort of the group which may appear like a choreographed movement of an abstract labour force.

After this final presentation, La Chorégraphie du travail will be continued as a documentary/fictional film project by Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht.

Robert Schlicht (1975, Berlin, Germany) studied philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin. His recent text Film as Show Trial was published in Der Standpunkt der Aufnahme – Point of View: Perspectives of political film and video work (edited by Tobias Hering in collaboration with Arsenal Berlin – Institute for Film and Video Art). Since 2004 Romana Schmalisch and Robert Schlicht have collaborated on several projects at the intersection of theory and film, investigating cinematic representations of history and society. Their films have been shown in exhibitions and film festivals in Berlin, Houston, Paris, Moscow, Yerevan, Madrid, Brest, Essen, Duisburg, Vienna among others.

Free entrance on reservation: / +33 153 561 590

"Open Your Art": possibility of visiting Les Laboratoires and having dinner there before the performance (19h, fees 10€), in the frame of the events organized by the Comité du Tourisme 93 in 13 venues of Seine-Saint-Denis. More information here.

In collaboration with the AFPA (Stains), À vous de jouer (Aubervilliers), Biorythme (Montreuil), Lycée Jean-Pierre Timbaud (Aubervilliers) and the UGECAM/CRP (Aubervilliers).

Image: "Formation professionnelle et pratique", Journal l'Humanité. Droits réservés / Mémoires d'Humanité - Archives départementales de la Seine-Saint-Denis