From November 29, 2014 to April 26, 2015

Between April 2013 and February 2014, Daniel Foucard held 10 manifesto evenings at les Laboratoires as part of his writing residence there, entitled Degré 48. The collective g.u.i. was invited to produce the “prints” of the 21 manifestos written and performed over the course of these 10 evenings by artists writers, poets, exhibition curators and editors who took part in Degré 48… The Degré 48 exhibition at Cneai presents editorial documentation and printing tools dreamed up by the collective g.u.i., bringing back techniques and ways of assembling video- and photo-captured images of the evenings, artists’ source files, written manifestos as well as documents produced by the audience.

An exhibition produced by Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, the Cneai and BANC! Stage design and lighting were a collaboration with Tom Huet.

With: A Constructed World, L'Agence du doute, Bertrand Belin, Stéphane Bérard, Olivier Bosson, Mehdi Brit, Sonia Chiambretto, Magdalena Chowaniec, Paolo Codeluppi, Patrick Corillon, Antoine Dufeu, David Guez, Frédéric Héritier, Véronique Hubert, Dominiq Jenvrey, Laure Limongi, Valérie Oberleithner, Fabrice Reymond, Morgane Rousseau, Ludovic Sauvage, Benjamin Seror, Kristina Solomoukha, Naia Sore, Yoann Thommerel, Nicolas Tilly, Valentina Traïanova, Fabien Vallos.

g.u.i. is a publishing, image and interactive collective of designers created in 2006 which today includes Bachir Soussi Chiadmi, Nicolas Couturier, Julien Gargot, Angeline Ostinelli, Benoît Verjat and Sarah Garcin. The members of g.u.i. collaborate with public and cultural institutions, working groups and artists, principally in the fields of contemporary and performance art. Its research concerns the organisation, formatting and access to collections of documents and designing tools for publishing and collective documentation, which has led the workshop to develop a platform dedicated to this subject, a research space and publishing house, called BANC!

Ile des Impressionnistes,
2 Rue du Bac,
78400 Chatou
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Photo: Amaury Seval (DR)