Le ciel était trop nuageux pour voir les étoiles / Bastien Mignot
Friday 28th April 2017, 8 p.m.



Le ciel était trop nuageux pour voir les étoiles
Performance by Bastien Mignot
With the artistic collaboration of Julie Menut


On 28 April, in the evening, two days after the full moon, Bastien Mignot will invite us to spend a while in the forest of his upcoming piece Un regard suffit à rayer l'invisible. A piece for stones, human beings, animals, forests and theatres that will unravel the motif of darkness in a dream of obscurity.

The performance Le ciel était trop nuageux pour voir les étoiles is conceived as an act of collective divination and will contain fragments of what will be revealed in the future form. Sets, approaches, orientations, points, lines, gaps, lacks — all facets making up the thick cloak of the arrangements yet to come.

Intimacy emerging in a multiplied exhibition space in which invisible entities will also be addressed and cared for. A space that never stops happening and in which vulnerable presences, substances, images, elements, objects and figures will be displayed, inviting us to be, like the passing images, the twilight passers-by of the labyrinth.




According to Starhawk, to dream of obscurity is to deconstruct its opposition to light.

This dream of obscurity will implement an aesthetic experiment that will act as a therapy and a prayer.

This dream of obscurity will involve extracting all the luminous darkness from the ambient darkness, making the world visible through its dust.

A dream of obscurity located on the surface of views of the dream of the skin of the night.

Like a ritual of dispossession, a witch’s white magic to counter the black magic at work during the heyday of the circulation of poisons.

A dream of obscurity that will be the light box of an apocalyptic present.

Like a repair ritual for the world.

Like a metaphysics of dark matter.

In order to exit the Anthropocene and relocate the human figure amid a storm of cosmic dust.

In this dream of obscurity that is night itself, vision is returned to us but our capacity for description is withdrawn. For description would reduce experience, an experience which, furthermore, does not yet exist.

The endeavour is bulimic, yet it seeks neither to be comprehensive nor to exhaust all possibilities. On the contrary, it will be but a caress amid the expanse.

 Bastien Mignot, Un regard suffit à rayer l'invisible_Atlas




Born in the early 1980s, Bastien Mignot could be a dancer, an actor, a stage director, a performer or a choreographer. He trained in the dramatic arts at the École Supérieure d’Art Dramatique Pierre Debauche in the early 2000s. After pursuing acting for several years, he began to explore performance art and contemporary dance. This was the point at which he met Yves-Noël Genod and Massimo Furlan and began his own scenic and visual work. He has also collaborated with photographer Grégoire Édouard and with musician Clément Vercelletto, his alter ego. With the latter he founded the organisation Les Sciences Naturelles, through which they combine both the work they pursue individually and the work they do together. In 2013 he enrolled on the Master’s programme ex.e.r.ce at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier under the supervision of Mathilde Monnier. One might describe his artistic work as consisting in reinventing rituals, as a protean, sensitive project where multiple, intentionally non-hierachised inspirations and obsessions meet. Invisible worlds, ruins, landscape and disappearance are his main areas of exploration.