Running Commentary #7

Running Commentary on Quintette Cercle by Boris Charmatz    EN/FR
Bojana Cvejić     

Running Commentaries has a set-up similar to that of a lecture with live translation. While a piece is performed live or projected in video format on a big screen, two or three "interpreters" (artists, researchers, theoreticians, art critics) watch from individual booths and deliver their commentary live. The spectators are equipped with multi-channel headsets, allowing them to listen to the commentary of their choice, or switch back and forth between various commentaries. In this way, they build their own soundtrack over the course of the spectacle by positioning themselves based on what they hear and see.
The Running Commentary on Quintette Cercle (by Boris Charmatz) takes place while the video of the show is broadcasted on a screen.
Quintette Cercle is commented by Nicolas Donin, Natasa Petresin-Bachelez and Bojana Cvejić

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