Activations of the fmra collection (Cneai)

[sã] but and Chorwagen, two activations of the fmra collection (Cneai)     FR
Kiss Me Deadly (ENSA Cergy)  
For Special Issue #0, Kiss Me Deadly (École nationale supérieure d'arts de Cergy) establishes a discursive and performative framework that will strive to propose a representation of the Cneai’s (National Center of Edition and Printed Art) collection of ephemera. The KMD’s workshop favors the ephemera of artists in the collection, including publications that accompany their works (printed invitations, exhibition journals, press releases, etc.). Such ephemera constitute modes of publication for a work, giving it an existence before, during and after its showing. Students are invited to handle modes of existence of the work. This workshop imagines modes of circulation and performance of its publications.
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