Researched things

Researched things

May 21-27 May 2012, 2pm - 6pm

The research of the things which are still in progress will be stored in a shelf and can be consulted for study only on request by the present keeper of the things.

Thing 000770 (Zwischen Zirkuskuppel und Manege)
Thing 000783 (The Nutcracker, A story & A Ballet)
Thing 000838 (Roller Derby)
Thing 000843 (SportsTrax)
Thing 000856 (baseball)
Thing  000955 (choreographies by Martha Graham)
Thing 001050 (Bikram Yoga)
Thing 001384 (Nohe)
Thing 001557 (Serpentine Dance)
Thing 001631 (dance of Pueblo Santo Domingo)
Thing 001650 (Gypsy)
Thing 001656 (The Black Crook)
Thing 001657 (The Merry Widow)
Thing 001668 (X-Rays of Society)
Thing 001670 (Lambada)
Thing 001671 (La Marseillaise)
Thing 001672 (Un spectacle de nuit)
Thing 001673 (Hadda)
Thing 001674 (Vilia)
Thing 001675 (Hollywood Paradise)
Thing 001676 (Le Tricorne)
Thing 001677 (Gala)
Thing 001678 (Le Jeune Homme et La Mort)
Thing 001679 (La Fête chez Thérèse)
Thing 001680 (Smylis)
Thing 001681 (Les Trois Sultanes)
Thing 001682 (Cosmoplites)
Thing 001683 (Le Marché des Innocents)
Thing 001684 (La Vengeance de Djelma l'indienne)
Thing 001685 (Delirious)
Thing 001686 (Une soirée chez le Sous-Préfet)
Thing 001695 (Best of Bercy)
Thing 001699 (Diable boiteux)


Free entrance
on appointment with the keeper of the things Virginie Bobin, at and +33 153 561 594