Thing 000955 (Martha Graham's choreographies)

Thing 000955 (Martha Graham's choreographies)

Sunday 27 May 2012, 8 pm

Thing 000955 (Martha Graham's choreographies) concerns a controversy between Ronald Protas, the legatee and beneficiary of the deceased Martha Graham's estate, and Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, the dance company and affiliated school which had employed Martha Graham, about all 71 dances made by Martha Graham. During the court case in 2004, judge Newman hesitated whether Martha Graham's choreographies were works for hire by Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance or if Ronald Protas owned the rights to execute and transmit the choreographies from Martha Graham.

Chose 000955 (chorégraphies de Martha Graham)
Thing 000955 (Martha Graham's choreographies). DR

Lamentation (version 1)
Video: author unknown, 1932
Choreography: Martha Graham, 1930

Lamentation (version 2)
Interpreter: Valériane Michelini
Staging: Christophe Jeannot
Choreography: Martha Graham Center, 1974

Lamentation (version 3)
Dance: Barbara Manzetti
Staging: Barbara Manzetti
Choreography: Martha Graham, 1930

Respondents: Valerie-Laure Benabou (lawyer), Aurelie Foisil (translator), Lou Forster (art historian), Christophe Jeannot (dancer, choreographer), Cécile Medour/Kati Wolf (Benesh Movement Notation), Guillaume Sintès (dance researcher)


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